Grupo La Comer

Corporate governance

Code of ethics

The Code of Ethics of La Comer is a manual describing proper behaviors for our associates that describes the main rules and principles to be observed and adhered in order to act according to the philosophy and culture of the Company. It includes topics such as labor practices, safety, harassment and intimidation practices, relations with family members and related parties, protection of assets, accuracy in the records and information, among others. This Code of Ethics is applicable to operational and executive staff, advisors, government agencies, contractors, consultants and suppliers. It is available to staff, suppliers and interested third parties, thus representing a direct and confidential channel where any violation of the Code of Ethics can be reported. For this purpose, the area of Corporate Audit has been designated as responsible for the care and investigation of these cases. This area will report the results of investigations to the Audit Committee. In addition, a practical guide of questions and answers is supplied to employees in order to evaluate ethical decisions, as well as an anonymous line for complaints that is at their disposal.

All our employees are required to read and understand the Code of Ethics and provide a written acceptation of the code. Additionally, its content is posted at stores, distributed by emails and the internal communication network.

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