Grupo La Comer

Corporate information

Executive Summary

La Comer is a company dedicated to operate self-service fetail stores. Its portfolio integrated é group of supermarket stores focused on the sale of perishables goods and grocery/As of today, the Company operates 84 stores under different formats, with an aggregated retail sales area of nearly 376,998 square meters mostly located in Mexico City metropolitan area where they are located 43 units (including two units in the municipalities of Metepec and Avándaro. Edo. Mex), thus representing 51% of the total stores of the company. Besides. 9 stores are located in the State of Queretaro; 6 in the State of Jalisco, 5 atores in the state of Guanajuato, 4 in the state of Morelos and Baja California Sur; 3 in the state of Puebla and Nuevo León, 2 stores in the state of Michoacán and one store in each of the State of Aguascalientes. Guerrero, Nayarit and Colima. On a general basis, the Company Owns around 61% of its total sales area.

The company also operates 383 commercial premises located in the shopping malis where its retail formats operate. In addition. La Comer runs two distribution centers.
Since January 4, 2016, the Company’s shares are listed on the Mexican Stock Exchange. Currently, the market float represents 44% of the Company’s equity.