Grupo La Comer

Corporate governance

Shareholding Structure


The Issuer’s share capital is represented by 4,344,000,000 shares without expression of nominal value, Series “B” and “C”, which are grouped into 1,086,000,000 related units, each of these related units comprises four shares; Units of type “UB” are made up of Series B shares, while units of type “UBC” comprise three Series B shares, and one Series C share, which will not have a vote; All the shares will be ordinary, nominative, and without expression of nominal value.


Paid share capital represented by 1,086,000,000 of related units, of which 605’455,398 correspond to UB units and 480’542,602 to UBC units. At the end of December 2019 there were 3,863,457,398 type B shares and 480,542,602 type C shares.


The bylaws of the Company indicate that the “UB” related units may be converted into “UBC” units at any time, either before the Secretariat of the La Comer Board of Directors, or through Indeval. Therefore, the composition of UB and UBC related units is dynamic